Triopetra Beach in south Rethymno

   Triopetra beach is also know as Akoumiani gyalia !!

   Triopetra is in the South Rethymno and is named due to the three impressive rocks ("Triopetra" means "three stones" in Greek) in the sea . The three stones separate the beach to east and west Triopetra beach, our tavern is in the east side.

   The beach is coarse sand and gently slopes down into the warm Libyan Sea. The beach is sheltered by the Triopetra rocks, and is wonderful for swimming snorkeling and fishing

    To get to Triopetra and to our place come from either Heraklion or Hania to Rethymno, then from Rethymno bypass take the road south towards Spili. You pass through Spili and then come to Akoumia, where you take a right turn signposted (not very obviously) to Triopetra through the rather narrow streets of Akoumia. After about 12 Kilometers take a sharp left turn which is signposted to Apanemia Taverna; After another couple of kilometers turn right at the T junction which takes you straight to Apanemia. Public transport would get you to Akoumia but after that it would be a taxi.


Προβολή Apanemia Tavern & Rooms σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους