Welcome to Apanemia in Creta-Triopetra beach

    More than one hundred years ago Akoumia villagers built a store house at Triopetra beach for trade purposes of the nut of locust tree, a nut of great value that days. Big ships were coming to South Creta to the small bay of Triopetra and gather the products from the village. Stelios grandfother also names Stelios had a trustfull position in Akoumia village he bought the store house from the other holders.

   After many years one part of this store houses went to Eleutherios Koumantakis (one of his sons- Stelios fother) who decided to start building there a tavern for his family. His idea after a lot of work from all the family became reality in 1996. The first two years Anastasia Koumantaki (woman of Eleutherios- mother of Stelios) and Stavros Koumantakis (younger son- brother of Stelios) started with their small experience to run this business.

   It was 1998 that Stelios Koumantakis finished his army and come to help in the tavern. The idea of the family was that one day Stelios can run this business alone and to has a good income so he can have a decent life. And this happened after some years, Stelios was in charge of “apanemia” with the help of his family.

   Years passed fast in South Creta and Stelios meet Georgia (his wife) and she come also to help in the tavern. Georgia took Anastasia’s place in the kitchen over the time ( Anastasia needed time for relaxing after many years of work ) and she became an excellent traditional cooker.

   So the couple Stelios and Georgia become the heads of “Apanemia” with a great success until now.

   One person that I must include also as a family is Kostas Stamatogianakis , he come when was 16 yo to help Stelios in the service area and he became with his hard work and his great hurt a part of this family.

    We want to thank all the people that have supported our family all this years as employees or as customers. But to be honest we don’t consider them as customers but as friends!!