• Triopetra BeachView of the three rocks
  • Triopetra BeachView of tha beach next to our tavern

Welcome to Apanemia at Triopetra beach

located in south Rethymno

    At an enchanting seafront location "Apanemia" located in South Rethymno of Creta in the beach Triopetra, offers traditional Cretan cuisine and rent rooms.

   "Apanemia" started in 1996 as a family business and still working with this style with Stelios and Georgia.

    The combination of a sandy beach that isn't crowded, attentively traditional food and appealing rooms considers being a good choice for relaxing vacations.

tavern triopetra Rooms Beach tavern triopetra

   So if you are intrested for a relaxing place to recharge your batteries in a reasonable price u are in the correct site. Stelios and Georgia will be happy to make ur stay as good as it can be.

Akoumia village

    A small traditional village in the south Rethymno under the mountain of Siderwtas



Local Sights

    In the are of Akoumia village there are many sights u have to visit to understand our historical value



Latest News at Triopetra beach

December 29 2012

Stelios and Georgia Wedding

For photos of the wedding click here

November 2013

Apanemia rests until May 2014

C U coon :)

Dec 9 2014

Apanemia wish everyone has happy christmas time.

January 2016

Happy new year to everybody. New photos have uploaded.